NEW Clivet SCREWLine2 Excellence

(01 Oct 2013)

Clivet have recently announced the launch of their NEW SCREWLine2 Excellence High Efficiency Air CWDAT SL2 Thumbnail0ooled Water Chillers with Double Screw Compressors.

The WDAT-SL2 Excellence ST/SC version stands out for its extremely high efficiency levels both with operation at partial and full loads, which makes it a CLASS A unit based on Eurovent's efficiency rating and allows for considerable savings on running costs.

The ongoing capacity adjustment allows for a quick adjustment of the system's load and therefore an accurate control of the chilled water temperature with a wide operating range.

Available in capacities from 440 to 1440kW, this new chiller is the ideal solution for all civil and industrial applications (process chilling) that require high performance levels, operating continuity and lower running and maintenance costs.

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